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Our clients

Intensive Language Courses is an exceptional addition to Cross-cultural training. We are pleased to offer such kind of services to our participants.

If you have any questions about Cross-cultural training, please contact Ekaterina Danilenko
by tel.: +7 (095) 436-09-98 or
by e-mail:


In 2001 the Center of Cross-cultural communications with support of the European consulting company Richard Lewis Communications (Great Britain), for the first time in the Russian market, has presented a new kind of services – cross-cultural training and consulting of personnel of international companies. In 2004 the Center is still the unique organization of this kind of business and services in Russia.

Our customers – are multinational companies and organizations, achieving long-term competitive advantages and efficiency of business communications with foreign partners due to our cooperation and author’s methods of creating the cross-cultural capital. There are some methods:

Well-known multinational companies and organizations – our customers in Russia, have appreciated advantages of such investments to the training of personnel in work with foreigners, as well as the qualitative services of our Center's specialists.

The most significant elements of cross-cultural capital are the following:

  • Cross-cultural awareness (acquaintance with traditions, customs, national features and their development in common and business life)
  • Language training
  • Methods of achievement the cross-cultural empathy and sensitivity to the cultural features
  • Maintenance of the method of cross-cultural analysis
  • Development of skills, required in a situation of cross-cultural communication
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