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INITIATIVE-FOUNDATION 119034, Russia, Moskow, Kursovoy per, 17, of. 9 e-mail: , tel.: +7 (095) 291-30-48, +7 (095) 799-30-30, +7 (095) 799-40-00 
About Initiative Foundation Our non-commercial organization began to operate in May, 2001. The main idea of the Foundation is to organize and support Social initiatives in all spheres of social life. The main purpose is to develop and to promote effective ways of communications; to render assistance to people and to adapt them for life and work in the present-day conditions of globalization, for productive intercourse and existence.

Contact all other the world - was an inaccessible dream of the past, nowadays - it is not just real, but vitally required. Whoever you are, whatever you do, the course of the present-day life constantly encourages you to discover new points, fresh ideas and dynamic actions.

Cross-cultural communications center

Cultural competence consists of many qualities such as patience, flexibility and empathy. We encourage people to develop their cultural competence by being open to new experience. Our programmes enable people to create tolerance to ambiguity and to recognize their own cultural identity.


VIP Intensive Language Courses for Executives

The Residential Concept of training enables to immerse the manager, studying foreign language, in a dynamic environment of social and professional activity and motivates him for international communication. No other approach gives the adult student so much active language practice in a given period.
Translator services Our specialists will help you to carry out an accurate and adequate communication in 30 languages. Interpreters may accompany you during negotiations, presentations, conferences and meetings with foreign partners; they will translate and redact your documents; they will advise you how to issue and edit the text correctly.
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