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Some extracts from Russian National Cultural Profile

Richard Lewis Communications (Great Britain) has introduced a unique intellectual product: National Cultural Profiles (NCPs).

NCP will help you to know more about your customers, colleagues, business partners in foreign companies and subsidiaries and to score competitive advantage in business contacts with foreigners.

The profiles provide in-depth knowlege of business culture of more than 40 countries - from Australy to Vietnam:

  • Geographical, political and historical background
  • The Economy
  • Culture: religion, languages, values and core beliefs, concept of space, concept of time, cultural black holes, self-image
  • Communication patterns: body language, listening habits, audience expectations
  • Cultural interaction: concept of status, gender issues, leadership styles, language of management, motivation factors, general behaviour at meetings, negotiation characteristics, contracts and commitment, manners and taboos

The explanation of how other cultures organize meetings, why they follow habitual protocols, adopt particular stances, adhere to certain sticking points, except certain outcomes, draw certain conclusions, will be usefull in preparing for international meetings and negotiations, making presentations to fit in with different audience expectations, managing a foreign work force, avoiding misunderstanding.

Intensive Language Courses is an exceptional addition to Cross-cultural training. We are pleased to offer such kind of services to our participants.

If you have any questions about Cross-cultural training, please contact Ekaterina Danilenko by tel.: +7 (095) 436-09-98
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