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Mr. Richard D. Lewis (Great Britain)
    Mr. Richard Lewis has been active in the fields of applied and anthropological linguistics for over 35 years. His work in several fields of communicative studies has involved him in the organization of courses and seminars for many of the world's leading industrial and financial companies.
    In 1961 he pioneered the world's first English by Television series, produced by Suomen Televisio and subsequently was script writer for the first BBC series, "Walter and Connie" in 1962.
    He has lived and worked in several European countries, where his clients included ABB, Allianz, Banco de Espana, Banque de France, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Fiat, Gillette, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Nestle, Nokia, Saab and Volvo.
    He also spent 5 years in Japan where he was tutor to Empress Michiko and other members of the Japanese Imperial Family. During this period, his services were requested by firms such as Nomura, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Sanyo, Mitsui and Nippon Steel.
    More recently he has been heavily involved in the intercultural field, founding companies in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil, teaching communication skills in these countries as well as in Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA.
Mr Lewis, who speaks 10 European and 2 Asiatic languages, is currently chairman of Richard Lewis Communications plc. His recent book "When Cultures Collide" - a manual on how to manage successfully across cultures - has sold over 40,000 copies.
Mr Lewis was knighted by President Ahtisaari of Finland in March 1997.

Mrs. Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia)
    Political psychologist. Expert in the field of cross-cultural communications in politics.
    Trainer-adviser of business cross-cultural communications (certificate Richard Lewis Communications).
    Svetlana is a native of Ural. She grew up in Siberia, in Irkutsk region where she has graduated from high school with a golden medal.
She studied psychology at St.-Petersburg State university (excellent diploma, 2004) and also management in social sphere at the Moscow Institute of youth (excellent diploma, 1995).
    Within six years, since the student's bench, Svetlana acquired operational experience being a manager in the investment company, carried out her own business and taught basis of small business in Institute of youth.
    In 1997 she has been invited for high-level work in the organs of municipal authority of Moscow. Two years and a half she dealt with social problems of inhabitants as the assistant of the head of the district Ochakovo-Matveevskoe office.
    In June 2000 Svetlana has founded and since then heads the noncommercial organization Initiative Foundation.
Since May 2001 she represents leading European consulting firm in the field of business cross- cultural communications Richard Lewis

Communications (Great Britain) in Russia. She is also the initiator of the project " Cross- cultural communications in Russia ".
    Sphere of Svetlana’s professional interests - problems of formation of image of Russia and Russians abroad, place and efficiency of cross-cultural communications in the international business in conditions of globalization.
    Conducts the following open / corporate seminars and trainings in English and Russian languages:
· " How to carry out business in Russia with Russian ", " How to live and work in Russia (for foreigners working in Russia);
· " Germans and Russian: co-operation through cultural distinctions ";
(or by the example of business communications with Americans, other Europeans, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Japanese);
· " Team-building across cultures ", " International Negotiations: cross-cultural aspects ".
    Carries out also separate seminars on corporate culture, conflicts, on economic psychology, psychology of co-operation and consequences of globalization for Russia.
    Speaks fluent English, studies French.
    Svetlana is ready for participation in social-significant projects and for dialogue with interesting people. She is focused on practical application of knowledge.

Mr. Jacques Meon (Great Britain)
    Jacques Meon, a French national, was actually born in Sweden where he pent most of his youth. After returning to France to further his higher education (studies in Economics) and after fulfilling his compulsory military duties in the French Liaison Office with the U.S. Army's European Headquarters in Heidelberg, he moved to Japan in 1970 and joined the Berlitz Schools of Languages initially as a teacher of French before being selected as management trainee.
    After filling various positions such as school, District and Regional Director, he became in December 1976, the country's Managing Director overseeing eight centres. The rest of Asia was added to his responsibilities in 1978 and eventually by 1993, the Asia division grew to a total of 70 centres with over 1000 employees including 700 teachers, yielding yearly revenues of over $100 Million. It was at that time and by far the largest and most profitable division in the group.
    In 1993, following Mr. Robert Maxwell's death (owner of Berlitz's parent company Macmillan), Berlitz International's majority interest was sold to Fukutake Publishing. (The balance of the stock equity is publicly traded on the New York stock exchange). Jacques Meon subsequently left the company and joined as President and Representative Director, CIC-Victor Video Co. Ltd., a 3 way joint-venture between Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and JVC. The company was engaged in marketing and
selling in Japan and in packaged form the studios' pictures as well as JVC's acquisitions. It was CIC's largest foreign subsidiary with 1997 revenues in excess of $179 Million. This position brought him closer to the Japanese market place with a first hand experience of the Japanese distribution system and of using various key suppliers. Being the head of an important U.S.-Japan joint-venture, he found himself exposed daily to culture differences with a duty to help closing the gaps.
    Jacques Meon brings 28 years of living experience in Japan, working all that time for U.S. based companies. He also traveled extensively in the region (Hong-Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia) to oversee the company's operations and open new subsidiaries.
    The fact that both Berlitz International and CIC were U.S. owned companies also brought much contact and inter-action with U.S. management with regular trips to the U.S. for reporting and business meeting. He was in both cases a member of their management committees. Their international networks gave him in addition continuous and extensive exposure and inter-action with managers of different nationalities covering th five continents.
    In 1998, Jacques Meon moved back to Europe joining to Richard Lewis Communications as a Consultant and Trainer in the area of Cross-cultural issues facing the company's international corporate clients. He is based in the company's main office in the U.K. but travels extensively according to the client's requirements.

Mrs. Ekaterina Danilenko (Russia)
    Political psychologist.
    Russian, was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, but because of moving of her parents her youth has been connected with Saint Petersburg. Here she has graduated from physics-mathematical class of high school and has received higher education at the department of political psychology at the faculty of psychology of St.-Petersburg State University.
    During training at university in 1997 - 2002 she was engaged in monitoring of mass media on the international affairs in the analytical department of Laboratory of sociopolitical technologies (Saint Petersburg). Trained in the State Duma of Russian Federation. Worked in the press-centres of the international sports competitions on figure skating, tennis and aqua biking.
    Works in the intellectual business since autumn 2002 when Mrs. Danilenko has moved to Moscow and has started to work on the project " Cross-cultural communications in Russia " in the Center of cross-cultural communications of Initiative Foundation.
    Besides research work she develops and realizes marketing strategy and tactics of drawing in the clients of the Center, directly works with clients from the different countries. Is engaged in the organization of open and corporate seminars, maintenance of contacts with clients and partners in Russia and abroad. Her duties also include web-design and electronic support of seminars and trainings.  
    Sphere of research interests - psychological and cultural conditionality of macroeconomic and political processes.
    Mrs. Danilenko is in the process of writing the PhD dissertation.
    Knows English, studies Italian. Is interested in painting and literature of first half of the XX century. Likes to play the piano.  

Mr. David Goddard (Great Britain)

    Mr. Goddard is Trainer in the area of Cross-cultural issues facing the company's international corporate clients of Richard Lewis Communications.

    Additional information will be available later.


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