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Ideal choice of the people, who appreciate time and result

With more than 25 years of experience of our team members’ work in the sphere of Foreign Language training for world’s leading corporations and government institutions, we have found intensive one-to-one tuition method to be the most powerful and effective means of language studying.

The main participant’s purpose – is the comprehensive improvement of communicative skills. Any opportunity to have real communicative practice is being used for achievement of the purpose. The whole programme is directed for making the process of communication easier and more available.

Executives and businessmen from all over the world have admitted this approach of foreign language studying, based on communicative methods as highly effective.

Programme and Schedule of the training

Competent professional and experienced teachers shall arrange the training so, taking into account all specific and individual requirements and professional needs of the participant. The participant’s current level of language, individual purposes of training, time frameworks, sphere of professional activity – all this factors shall define the training program.

Our specialists have developed their own approach of language study, which integrates the traditional communicative method and new present-day procedures and ways (role game, case-study, on-line assessment, analysis of situations from companies’ everyday activity).

Programme includes:

  • Mastering of lexical, grammar and phonetic constructions
  • Mastering of professional terms
  • Elements of cross-cultural training
  • Mastering of communication skills in the Russian language on themes: telephone communication, business and personal correspondence, negotiations, conclusion of contracts

The course is divided into weekly modules, (2 - 6 modules within the course are recommended). Lessons start at 9 a.m. and continue until 5 p.m. (from Monday to Friday).

The cultural programme includes excursions (to Sergiev Posad, Kremlin, New Jerusalem), walking, cultural trips to theatres and museums. This programme is a harmonious addition to the studying process, making it not only useful, but also interesting and pleasant, it enables to have a good practice and to learn more about cultural life of Russia.

Other services:

Cross-cultural training is an exceptional addition to our Intensive Language Courses. We are pleased to offer our participants the training seminar
“Such strange Russians: how to live and work in Russia”
, which may be useful for effective communication with representatives of Russian culture.

If you have any questions about Intensive Russian Language Course, please contact Ekaterina Danilenko
by tel.: +7 (095) 436-09-98 or by e-mail:

We render assistance in issuing visa and booking the air tickets
(Extra charge).


High teaching standards provided by the fact that all our instructors meet the following minimal criteria:

  • University degree
  • International teachers’ certificates
  • 5 years’ teaching experience
  • Experience of working with multinational and government organizations
  • Experience of interaction with different cultures

and offer personal, structured solutions of communicative tasks of the students.

The fees:

€ 1250 per participant, per week

The price of the course includes:

  • One-to-one tuition from Monday to Friday
    (40 hours)
  • Needs and level analysis
  • End of course report
  • All teaching materials
  • Cross-cultural assessment
  • Cultural programme
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