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Our customers

Intensive Language Courses is an exceptional addition to Cross-cultural training. We are pleased to offer such kind of services to our participants.

If you have any questions about Cross-cultural training, please contact Ekaterina Danilenko by tel.: +7 (095) 436-09-98 or
by e-mail:


Cross-cultural seminars, trainings and consultancy in Russian and English:

For expatriates and members of their families:

  • Basic concepts of culture
  • National cultural profiles
  • Cultures in stereotyps
  • National communication patterns
  • Cultural shock in foreign countries
  • Adaptation to foreign culture

    For company's owners and top-managers:

  • Company's Cultural capital
  • Communications in international team
  • Management of cultural differences at meeting, presentation, negotiation
  • Business custom: cross-cultural aspects
  • Leadership and decision making across cultures
  • Company policy and cross-cultural differences

For political figures and State employees:

  • Managing and Influencing at an International meetings
  • Lobbying and the Political Culture of Brussels and Strasbourg
  • Internal diplomacy in Russia and CIS
  • Political communication in a Global Context

    The qualified professional approach to communication with foreign partners, customers and suppliers, competitors and employees as a whole, enables to achieve significant competitive advantages and higher results of the company’s activity in all steps of its development, as well as to save time and to avoid losses.

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