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VIP Intensive Language Courses for Executives
INITIATIVE-FOUNDATION  119034, Russia, Moskow, Kursovoy per, 17, of. 9 e-mail: , tel.: +7 (095) 291-30-48, +7 (095) 799-30-30, +7 (095) 799-40-00

Intensive Language Courses for top-managers and officers in country of the language:

Russian in Moscow

Russian in your office

English in Southern England and London

French in Paris and Burgundy

Italian in Venice

German in Munich

Finnish in Helsinki

Swedish in Stockholm

and also Japan in Tokio, Chinese in Honkong, Portugese in Lisboa, Spanish in Madrid.

In cooperation with our partners we arrange systematic language trainings in Moscow.
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Cross-cultural training is an exceptional addition to our Intensive Language Courses. We are pleased to offer such kind of services.

If you have any questions about Intensive Language Courses, please contact Ekaterina Danilenko by tel.: +7 (095) 436-09-98 or by e-mail:


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